Envirolink Global is an environmental service company that specializes in the mobilization of specialized resources for the management and abatement of environmental waste and byproducts from the oil and gas industry.

Envirolink Global uses a combination of international and local expertise to deliver cost effective solutions to specific project sites. Our work meets the highest of international standards for safety and security.

Environmental Solutions

Envirolink Global's solutions are specifically designed for each project to deliver the Best Available Control Technology (BACT). We provide an economic contract structure designed to maximize the sustainability of ongoing operations while providing a safe and secure environment for the workers and the customer. Envirolink Global concentrates on projects involving chemical and NORM wastes that are found in sludges, solids, liquids and accumulated scale and waxes.

site clean up

Site Cleanup

Envirolink Global understands the importance of addressing the accumulation of wastes that require management while implementing a solution that will allow operations to continue safely. Through the documentation of effective management and abatement of existing conditions, Envirolink Global clears the way for safe operations in the future.

rig cleaning

Rig Cleaning

Envirolink Global is prepared to implement solutions that can minimize costs by effectively cleaning existing equipment so that it can be put back in service or staged to replace operational equipment where waste and scale can accumulate. A safe and systematic rotation of components means continued operations that are cost effective without resulting in environmental exposures that are unsafe.

Confidentiality and Security

Envirolink Global works under confidential contracts where all documentation is controlled by the customer. Envirolink Global establishes customer specific laboratories when analysis is required. All disclosures, regulatory or otherwise, are made and controlled by the customer, often with documentation and reports provided by Envirolink Globals engineers and scientists.

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